Relaxed hair and weaved hair


So! Let’s talk about relaxed hair. What exactly does a relaxer do?

the ingredients of a relaxer are either sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide (in short lye). These chemicals when applied, break down the hydrogen and sulfide bonds (the chemical of which the hair gets it shapes and strength). The relaxer when applied stays in for a short amount of time (depending on the curl pattern, the strength, and length of hair) and then combed out which rearranges the individual hair and thus produces the straightness.

The relaxer is then rinsed out of the hair with a special neutralizing shampoo which stops the relaxer form further process and brings back the hair into balance. After washing a moisturizing conditioner is put in. This process is repeated every so often to the new hair that grows out. The relaxer should never stay longer than the time stated on the product or the great damage is done to hair and scalp.

Pros cons relaxed hair:


  • Easy to manage.
  • Easy style and sleek looks.
  • And it just looks good.


  • Over time leads to damage and breakage.
  • Sensitive skin and irritation caused by the chemical.
  • Hair becomes sensitive and fragile.
  • Going from relaxed back to natural hair takes effort and time.
  • So if you want to continue to rock a relaxed hair, make sure the relaxing is done by a professional stylist.

Relaxed hair care regimen

  • Trim your hair regularly to cut off split ends.
  • Wash hair once a week with a shampoo especially for chemically treated hair, and condition afterward.
  • An instant conditioner can also be used if the hair is in good shape.
  • Twice a month treat with hot oil and a deep moisturizing conditioner.

Hair weaves

Although a lot of women are going back to the natural look, the weave is still very popular and for a good reason. The weave is an easy way to add fullness and length to the hair including the countless hairstyles that can be done. Many prefer it over a relaxer which saves them time and from constantly having to go for touch-ups.

There are three different methods to apply weave:

Bonding: This is a quick procedure, where wefts of hair are glued to the shaft of the hair and close to the root, it adds instant volume and length.

Risk: It can cause skin irritation coming from the clue and the sweet.

Braiding: The hair is divided into small sections and the extensions are sewn in or wrapped with thread to keep it tight. It’s a healthier way than gluing if the braids are not too tight and the amount of chemicals used to keep the hair shiny and manageable is at a minimum.

Risk: Tight braids can lead to irritation of the skin, traction alopecia, and they can damage the natural hair.

Sewing: Is the most popular method. It can take many hours. Wefts of hair are sewn onto a row of your hair.

Risks: Sewing is damaging for the hair. When cutting out the stitches, it is difficult to avoid pulling on your own natural hair which can lead to empty patches on the scalp, and it hurts.

How to apply and care for weaves.

The first step is to find a stylist that is qualified and specialized inweaves. It is important to consider what hair texture you have. The weave should be compatible with your own hair. If the hair is thin or weak then consider human and lighter hair and do not apply too much of it. Remember extra hair is extra weight.

Weave care:

  • Depending on how your hair grows, weaves can be worn four to five months.
  • You should wash and condition your weave at least once a week at the most every ten days.
  • If the weave is bonded, braided or sewn, your natural hair underneath is still growing; therefore it has to be tightened every six to eight weeks.
  • Human hair, which you can treat like you own, can withstand heat, gels, lotions and leave-in conditioners. All other hair can be washed with very special products made for that type of hair.


When I was young my mum used to have a short-haired wig. I loved to go in her room and try it on, it looked so amazing just to look different. I found it so easy to just put it on and have a different look in just a few minutes. My mum had nice, long healthy hair, but now and again she felt like putting on a wig.

Wigs are not only for people who have little, hair, damaged hair or have just cut off all their hair to start new or whatever reason. Wigs are a quick easy way to look different without doing anything to your own hair, just like a hat or cap.

A wig is no fun if it looks unnatural or has a bad hair quality. On should invest in a good wig because its something you will have for a long time and it pays off. The better the quality, the more natural it looks and more fun.

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