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makeup and cosmetics for everyone! Years back, It was a big challenge for black, brown, or dark-skinned women in the western world to have access to cosmetics, and if they did find any cosmetics there weren’t any options. The industry had not catered for dark skin yet.

So! Here we are getting closer and closer to finding the right makeup and cosmetics for dark skin. We have been mixing two to three foundations to get the right tone, trying out different eye shadows that were not pigmented enough to blend with our skin tone. The days of frustration and spending a lot of money on products that don’t work are slowly coming to an end.

A new challenge has arisen. Now we are overwhelmed with beauty products from many well-known brands, but we are not always sure about the ingredients of their products. The beauty industry is poorly monitored, that is, they can use words like perfume, plant-based, green, and natural and similar phrases without having to explain ingredients. However, there are several companies and newcomers on the market that are taking skin and beauty-care a step further by going vegan or at least close enough. By putting great effort into making sure to list every ingredient on their product and website, they are out to lead the way into a new era of using cruelty-free, chemical-free clean cosmetics.

I believe that anything we put on our skin also enters our body through the skin. Harmful chemicals, bacteria can course allergies and even very harmful diseases. I have been looking carefully and researching a product before I use it.

one of the label-friendly companies: colourpop a Los Angeles California based company that redefined make-up and introduced cruelty-free vegan, luxury cosmetics at an affordable price. Their cosmetic caters to all shades and skin tones. They ship internationally (check their FAQ what countries do you ship to) and offer free shipping sometimes.

Before buying cosmetics we need to know our skin type, texture, tone, and undertone and the condition of your skin.

Note: If you have skin problems see a dermatologist before considering using makeup.

Our skin tone: Is the color of the surface. It can change with the weather, health condition and the sun (suntan). We can have the same skin color as someone else but have a different skin undertone. We already see that amongst our family members and friends. Same skin color but different undertones. So! what is the undertone and why so important?

Our skin undertone: Is the color of the skin underneath the surface of the skin you see. You can say your skin has two colors a surface color and an under the surface (undertone) color. The undertone skin tone affects your overall glow. The undertone skin color never changes, it is always the same, and that is very important to know when selecting foundations and concealers.

How can you tell your skin undertone?

Skin undertones are divided into three categories, warm, cool, and neutral. This cart can help you.

When the veins under your wrist are blue/purple.When the veins under your wrist are green.When the color of veins under your wrist is uncertain
Your undertones are Pink and beige and you get a sunburn quickly.Your undertone


is Gold, and yellow.

Your undertone is neutral.


Mostly your undertone and skin tone look the same, and you get a quick tan.

You can wear silver jewelry very well.You can wear gold jewelry very well.You can wear bronze and metal jewelry very well
Fashion color trendsFashion color trendsFashion color trends

TIP: Knowing your undertone is a big step in finding the right makeup.


A primer acts as a barrier between your skin and a foundation. It’s mainly used to even out the skin tone, skin-blemishes, smooth out the skin, and helps the makeup last longer, for example, a universal face primer from Milk makeup

Some foundations have a primer and concealer build in the formula. There are different types of primers for the face, eyelids, lips, and lashes. Find the primer that best suits your skin tone and type.


Been there and done that, shopping for the right foundation is a challenge, especially if we are not sure about our skin tone/undertone is.  If you are shopping online, finding the right company that caters to different shades and guides you through the process of finding the right foundation is the key. Il Makiage offers to help you find your perfect foundation in 90 seconds click here to take the quiz.

Which foundation? Do the test.  

  • Know your skin texture (oily, dry, combination, or sensitive)  Skincare regimen for every day
  • For oily skin, you most likely need a water-based foundation, which includes some skincare formulas and has a Matt finish.
  • For dry skin, an oil-based or moisturizing foundation should be your best option.
  • For combination skin is best to use water-based products.
  • For sensitive and problematic skin, you are best to use hypoallergenic and water-based products.
  • Decide which type of foundation you prefer. You want full coverage (that hides spots and dark circles) or a lightweight to just even out.
  • Consider the time of the year. If you are out in the sun to make sure you choose a light formula with SPF 30plus foundation.
  • In the winter,  and out to a party or at work for long hours, you probably need a long-lasting foundation.
  • Read the information about the texture of the foundation, the color name, and its finish, the more you are informed about the product the most likely you will get it right.


Concealer is a color corrector usually thicker than a foundation. It is used for covering age spots, blemishes, dark areas and circles under the eyes, and other uneven areas on the face. Concealers come in pots, sticks, and liquid. They are also used as a high lighter and for contouring.  It is one of the most important products to have along with the foundation and primer. A lot of companies introduce concealer but a few have the shades and with the desired creamy and soft application.


  • Apply after your foundation and before a primer. Primer – foundation – concealer.
  • Some concealer is applied before a foundation, like under the eye wrinkle coverage concealer.
  • After applying the foundation, use a sponge to apply a concealer where needed, and blend in to create a flawless and natural look.
  • Concealer is also applied as a foundation for eye-shadow.
  • If your skin looks good on a given day, you may go without using a concealer or a primer.
  • Make sure the concealer is no more than one to two shades lighter than your foundation, and of the same texture to achieve the perfect blend.

Tip: Do apply a moisturizer for your eye before putting the concealer since the skin underneath the eye is very thin and sensitive, and it would lubricate.

Translucent Powder

It is a finishing powder, that you apply after the foundation and before you put on the blush. It is used to get rid of any shine and helps the makeup last longer. We usually carry the powder with us.

For dark skin, powders come in the shades of light, sand, medium, and clay. Choose a shade that is close to your foundation.

Eyes and Brows

Eye cosmetics are the most important part of the makeup process. Thousands of products are used to enhance, emphasize beauty and add volume to the size of the eye include mascara, eyeliner, eye -shadow, and eyebrow cosmetics.

The eyeliner pencil: Has been used for centuries. It is easy to use and gives the eye a more natural look. It is also used for blending to create a smoky look and drama eye. If you choose a pencil to make sure it is creamy, anything else can irritate the eye or injure you.

Eye liquid liner: This is a more precise procedure and requires a steady hand. It is to create an intense dramatic look. It should have a felt tip or thin brush applicator, waterproof and long-lasting. For those who want a precise line, liquid liner is the answer.

Mascara: With mascara, you can darken, thicken, lengthen, and define eyelashes giving eye volume and drama. Shopping for mascara can be challenging for sensitive eyes, in this case, I would recommend buying mascara for sensitive eyes.

Brows: When it comes to brows, there is always a new trend. Regardless of the trend, your brows should suit you and bring your eyes and face to its beauty. Always use the natural line as your guide. If you have difficulty doing so consult a beauty stylist and have them professionally waxed. Once you have guidance, you will be able to do it-yourself. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil (not black).


Lips just like the face require special care.  Take the time to exfoliate your lips and apply lip-balsam every day sometimes throughout the day. If you tend to have dry lips, use Lipsticks that have a moisturizing formula like aloe-vera and shea butter.  Some lipsticks have sun protection and exfoliating ingredients. And yes there are colors that match or not match a complexion. Take the complexion quiz here to find out your best match.

There are different kinds of lip wear. We have lipstick, lip-gloss, lip-pens, and lip-case. For accuracy use a lip pencil to outline the lip see the video.  As shown in the video you can use a little darker shade for the outline of the lips, and a lighter color in the middle, this will give your lips a fuller, healthier look, and you create different colors on your lips perfect and playful.

More Label friendly beauty companies:

You might want to consider checking those Cruelty-free vegan beauty products from:

100% Pure

Please keep in mind that some products are not available in your country, but most of them provide international shipping and when you buy for a certain amount you would get free shipping. It works most of the time, just check on their site the shipping options. If it’s for your personal use, it’s worth trying.

Also my special chooses: 

Charlotte Tilbury



Hygiene: When trying makeup in the store. Unless cleaned in front of you, do not use store tests on your face. If just opened you may put some on the skin that is between your thumb, your wrist, and upper hand (that is usually close to your face tune).


I love cosmetics and makeup, it is one of the things that we enjoy. You probably remember when you used to play with your mother’s makeup and put on yourself or your dolls, it was so much fun. We watched our mum, aunts, and grandmothers put on make-up while listening to music laughing, and joking. You could tell they were enjoying it. So! we put on make-up not because we want to change our looks or we do not appreciate our beauty but we because we enjoy it, we like the way we look afterward.

The cosmetic industry has expanded dramatically and some cosmetic products have turned out to be dangerous for our health, and we used some of them. But with the bad comes the good and some new companies as well as the big brands have dedicated themselves to bring us healthy and beautiful makeup so we can continue enjoying our hobby.

Stay safe and stay health

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you.


    • Thank you for checking in. Yes, It is essential to know what type of skin you have to achieve a healthy complexion. In my article Skincare regimen for every day, I addressed this theme and talked about skin types and care. Knowing how to care for your skin will help you carefully select the right products and cosmetics. If you need any further advice on any of the skin types, I would gladly help. Best regards Patricia

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