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The summer is knocking on the door and we can’t wait to get our sunglasses out. Sunglasses are not only an accessory but a necessity. It protects our eyes and is the finish of your outfit.  I don’t even leave the house without a pair. Apart from needing them, I love them and I embrace the need these days.

An accessory we cannot live without. I keep a small collection of different shapes, colors, and designs to fit my outfits. Working for an optical shop at the airport I learned a lot about lenses, material, design, size, and style. I could not find all models in one store so I started looking online. Finding the right pair was a challenge at first but my research, the experience helped me a lot. While working and shopping around I tried on different shapes, sizes, and colors, always noting the size and shape, I called shopping with awareness. In time I knew what fits and what shapes best fitted my face. Once online I knew what to look for and, it became a fun experience.

The market is overwhelmed with sunglasses from different brands for different purposes, but when we have a basic idea of what we need and want, finding the right sunglasses becomes easy. We want to have sunglasses that fit our faces, our outfits, and suitable for different occasions so shopping with awareness becomes second nature. With the hot sun rays and environmentally challenging weather, we should also make sure we have sunglasses that are not only trendy but healthy for our eyes.

So how to buy sunglasses online?

Before considering buying sunglasses online, we have to do our homework. Baring in mind it’s our eyes, so when looking for sunglasses the price should be secondary. I recommend finding the size, shape, and quality first. It is our eyes that we are talking about. The door to the world of vision. What are our eyes worth is the question we need to have in mind when looking for glasses.

Seven steps to buy sunglasses online:

  1. Know your size: measure the length from your ear to your eyes. you can also use the measurement of the temples of a pair you have at home. Parts of eyewear 
  2. Shape: determine your face shape (round, diamond, heart, triangle, oval, rectangle triangle, square, or oblong). Simple get sunglasses that are opposite to the shape of your face, example if you have a round face, get square-shaped glasses.
  3. Weight: some people are very sensitive around the ears (If sunglasses are too heavy and you feel uncomfortable or you have pressure around your ear area you will end up not wearing them). 30-45 grams is a normal good weight example lightweight from Maui-Jim.
  4. Polarized: for sensitive eyes, and for the outdoor. I recommend polarized glasses which are relaxing for the eyes and keeps you from squinching. Polarized glasses are not always suitable for driving.
  5. Prescription sunglasses: If you wear glasses, make sure the company you buy the sunglasses from made are specialized in lenses for the sunglasses. Get two one polarized and one for driving.
  6. A Tip: Have a small collection of different shapes and colors to fit your outfits and occasions. If you consider getting just one, I recommend a natural shape to fit all your wardrobe.
  7. If possible get at least one pair with a warranty, most good labels offer a warranty. If you have a pair that you like a lot, it’s good to have.


Years ago, I used to buy sunglasses that looked good and ignored quality. Whether they protected me from the sun’s rays was secondary. After working in at an optic I realized that trendy is not enough, I needed to protect my eyes and be trendy became secondary. I started buying quality for my eyes and noticed the difference. I have some sunglasses that are over 5 years and still great.

I buy a pair every year or every two years depending on the price. You can have a few sunglasses, this way you will know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. Try a few glasses even those that you don’t like at first. If they fit your shape and are comfortable you will end up wearing them for years.  Be open to trying new styles and trends and dare to wear. Happy eyes make a happy face that everyone sees.

Tip: when putting on and taking off your glasses make sure you do not touch your face. Always clean your glasses and use hand-sanitizer regularly.

If you have any question please leave a comment, I  would be happy to answer.

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