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Tame and manage your curly hair. Bring on the shine with a sulfate-free due pack. Handpicked natural ingredients, organic shea butter to create a gentle cleansing and conditioning of your hair to restore health and shine.

It is very important to understand that hair is delicate in all its forms, regardless of whether it is fine, normal or thick. The structure of our hair does not matter, because every kind of hair needs its own special care. How to care for curly hair The things that we do with or to our hair, if it’s from the inside (through bad neutron) or from the outside through chemicals like heat, mechanical manipulation, bad tools or even the environment, it all affects our precious mane. We need to get down to the basics. We need to care for our hair the right way and give our hair the nutrition that it needs

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The Great Detangler

So caring for our hair requires our full attention every day. The mission begins with a hair care regimen, and it does not need to be costly, strenuous and complicated. Here is just a little routine list that we can stick to:

  • A good cut.
  • Regular trims and maintenance.
  • The right tools.
  • Quality products (that are suitable for our hair type)
  • A healthy diet (that consists of rich nutrients, vitamins, and minerals)
  • A healthy affirmation towards our mane.

A welcome for your beautiful hair that deserves no less than the pampering of rich nutrition which moisturizers and protects that fit to your hair. Essential oils and minerals that lock in moist and promotes a healthy scalp.

The hair wash cycle

When I visit my friends and look into their bathroom, I am quite to notice, how many products are displayed, and most of them are half used. We are constantly trying new products that promise us what we think our hair needs. The method is to start simple. All we need is a shampoo that is right for our hair and that easily cleans out dirt, oils and the rest of product buildup.

And for our children: We want to encourage and teach them how to care for their hair early on. Teach them how to wash, comb and condition their hair. The earlier they learn the better they will care. You can get your child a set of four and rest, teach them how to use each item. Africa’s Best Kids Organics Set of 4 2x Detangling and Moisturising Hair Lotion 1x Ultimate Moisture Shampoo with Shea Butter 1x Conditioner with Proteins is a good start.

The general rule is to wash our hair at least once a week. When we buy a shampoo we can keep the following in mind:

  • Get a detangle shampoo that keeps you from pulling your hair when brushing or combing which is very harmful to curly and super curly hair, besides it hurts.
  • Read the pH level and the acid-alkaline content. Normal hair has a pH of 4.5 to 5.5.
  • For dry curly frizzy and damaged hair, get a shampoo that has not less than 4.5 and not more than 5.5 pH, it makes the hair shaft stronger and shinier.
  • Ensure it has a moisturizer and anti-static ingredients to smooth, add moisture back into your hair, to avoid flyways and split ends.
  • Shampoos with protein are also a good choice for strength and the build-up of elasticity in the hair shaft.

Bestseller hair nourishing cream conditioner and shampoo, with 6 essential oils. Moisturizes over-processed hair and protector, frizz ease, improves manageability with a beautiful finish that you love.

Prepare your hair for shampooing:

Light and enriched with an olive oil leave-in conditioner will complement your hair with long-lasting moisture and shine. Boost and bounce your beautiful hair.

  • Comb or brush your hair to loosen some detangled spots, loose hair, and dandruff produced by-product buildup.
  • Wet hair with warm water.
  • With no more than a tablespoon, massage shampoo gently into the scalp down to the ends until it lathers.
  • Rinse out thoroughly and repeat the process two not more than three times.
  • Do not wash the hair until it squeaks, this is damaging and strips of the natural oils in the hair strands.

Of the shampoos I recommend is the cream of nature ultra-moisturizing shampoo.  It detangles moisturizes, softens, protects and conditions the hair. It has a very fresh fruity smell to it of mango coconut and shea butter. the texture is transparent and jelly-like. I recommend using it twice on one wash 1) Use 2 TS to wash out dirt and product build-up then rinse.  2) Again use 2 TS as a for scalp and freshness and rinse out.


The hair conditioning process

The most important process in caring for your curls is the hair conditioning treatment cream of nature conditioner. Regardless of whether the hair is natural, relaxed, color-treated or otherwise straightened, a conditioner can save the day any day. A conditioner can strengthen damaged hair or just maintain a healthy hair. Conditioners are there to moisture, strengthen, give body and make hair manageable. It flattens and smoother each strand and makes it shiny.

While a conditioner saves the day it’s really only that and for appearance. It’s not a miracle cure for split ends and damaged hair. A good cut together with a conditioner is a better approach to reaching the desire for healthy hair.

Get a set and save time and money

Cantu products are also very popular for curly and coily hair. The award-winning sulfate, parabens and natural-oil free shampoo enriched with shea butter gently clean moisturizes, removes product residue, and prevents breakage. Great for chemically treated hair.


Get a set and save

The leave-in conditioner from Cantu is rich in pure shea butter and other natural oils to heal damaged hair, control split ends, frizz control, manage breakage and make the hair manageable. With daily use, shea butter leave-in conditioning repair cream helps to promote stronger and healthier hair. A great product for relaxed, colored, primed and texturized hair.

What hair tools?

And last but not least, tips for good hair tools to have:

Wide toothed comb: Everyone needs a wide-toothed comb regardless of what kind of hair you have. It is easy to use and detangles your hair (especially when preparing for wash). It should be made of rubber or natural wood because those materials are gentle to the hair.

The wide-spaced, handmade, high-quality wooden comb offers a smooth comfortable combing experience. It is easy to use for detangling your hair and safe for your scalp.

A double for her and his bag. Hand made wooden, anti-static, wide-spaced combs to detangle your curls. Also suitable for men.

With the hair switch sponge which is suitable for dreadlocks, curl and coils, you can create a different hairstyle in less than 15 minutes. The sponge is comfortable to use on damp hair. Products can be applied to the hair and use the sponge to get the style you like.

Natural hair Bristle brush: The hair of the brush should be made of natural ingredients. Natural bristles tenderly smooth hair, distribute natural oils from the scalp to the hair shaft and stimulate the scalp which is a wonderful massage. Not all detanglers are made of natural bristles, using a good quality detangler brush would work too, as our hair is of different texture.

These hair detangling brushes like the Bamboo Vented Paddle Cushion Brush are very helpful for brushing curly to very curly and thick hair. It’s about brushing your hair without losing too much hair that is what a good brush should do.

Hair rollers: Metallic and mesh hair rollers are best for a long-lasting set. Metallic rollers give a medium to long and relaxed hair while the jumbo ones are easier to use and create bounce. Mesh rollers used with endpapers and hairpins are great because the hair takes the form in dries in.

Blow dryer: especially in cold places is a perfect way to dry hair fast, for example, the Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer is not only fast but cozy too. But be cautious not to overheat, since that can lead to hair dryness and damage. When in use make sure it is constantly moving and hold it at least 12in (30cm) away from the head. The alternative is a hood dryer, which is the healthiest way to dry hair. The indirect heat keeps the hair from losing moisture.


Curling iron: Ceramic and tourmaline layered irons are the best since they evenly distribute heat and do not damage hair. Use only on clean hair with moisture cream.

Silk and satin bonnets: Wrap your hair at night in these materials. The fabric protects your hair from friction with the pillow that you sleep on. Friction can lead to breakage. Not many people do that, but it’s a good idea if your hair needs to be in top form the next day.

Use a shower cap when taking a shower or a bath. It can also be used as a cap for a conditioner treatment.

If you have any questions I would be glad to answer them. Thank you for reading

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Author: Patricia.K

4 thoughts on “Get down to the basics

  1. I had never heard about the brand Africa’s Best, it looks like they have great products, and I like that they are organic. Did you ever try one of their products yourself? And if so, which one can you really recommend? I’m living in an area with almost no access to good hairdressers and I really need my products for my voluminous hair!

    1. HI! thank you for reading my post appreciate it. To find the right product for me, so far I have used Shea Moisture, Cantu, Carol’s daughter, Curls, and Miss Jessie. I have a friend using Africa’s best and she has an Afro, it works well for her. Right now I am using Cream of nature with whom I am very happy and satisfied. If you have not used any products for curly hair yet, Creme of nature is a good starter. My Post about hair texture will help you find out about your hair texture because that is very important. I will also post a helpful video. Feel free to ask any questions. 

  2. Hi

    I do not have much experience with hair fashion, although, here is my wife’s comment:

    Hi Patricia, your site is very informative when it comes to taking care of ethnic hair. To be honest, I have used some of these products on Caucasian hair and it’s an amazing treatment for over processed and damaged hair! 

    Kindest Regards

    Leigh-Anne Schoerie

    1. Thank you, Martin, for reading my post, and a special thanks to your wife. Yes, some of the products cater to all hair types. Knowing your hair type and texture is the key to finding the right product. Thanks again. 

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