Fashion color and trends

I have a hobby; I like to paint and mix my colors, creating a new painting whenever I get inspired. The same thing is with fashion color and trends. It’s like walking through a garden full of beautiful flowers that brings joy, that’s the feeling you get when you find a dress, shirt, pants, or an outfit on sale.

Top new fashion designers from all over the world are emerging with new ideas inspired by their culture, colors, and new materials. They create fashion that fits everyone. Creativity has no boundaries; it is all inspiring, taking us to places we have never been before

Although we are overwhelmed with new trends and styles, Online cloth shopping has never been so much in trend. Online shop clothing opens doors to places beyond our boards, accessing tends, culture giving us possibilities to try new ways of wearing cloth. So why not use this possibility at hand and try new ideas.

We want to wear cloth that not only look fabulous on us but clothes that we can combine with what we already have in our wardrobe, including matching bags and shoes. We want to feel and be Free People wearing what we love. The market is loaded with clothes that we buy and then get bored of the next season ending up with a wardrobe full of cloth we don’t like anymore or worn out after many washes.

Shopping smart for cloth online means:

  • Saving money.
  • Having a beautiful collection of quality and not quantity cloth, we can combine.
  • Cloths, we can wear a while and not get bored.
  • Unique Fashion and trend clothing that we can wear independent of the current trend.
  • A happy face when looking into our wardrobe.

So how and where can we shop for garments that look cool, great, fabulous, and fit for our budget?

The first step is to know our style and the colors that match our skin tone, size, and shape of our body, how to combine cloth and where to shop.

Knowing what colors fit our skin tone is not only beneficial for choosing makeup, but also for selecting, the best colors and styles that accentuate our best features. Emphasizing skin tone, eye color-shape, height, and figure.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>check the chart to tell your colors<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We don’t need a whole lot of cloth, just an excellent collection to create outfits for every occasion: some primary natural colors and a mix of vivid combination colors. We have the habit of sticking to one type of color for years too afraid to change, but now is the time to change that. Nature embraces colors, so let us do that; also, we are a part of this beautiful Universe.  


Are you a hat fascinator? If you have always wanted to wear a hat, but you felt too shy or wired, don’t worry, because this is the time to wear it. Be careful! If you just buy a hat because it looks nice, you might be up for a disappointment, and the cap ends up in the corner. When considering buying a hat, take your time and try the following steps.

  • Measure your head and for the correct size. Hats are like shoes they have different sizes.
  • The hat should suit the purpose, size, face.
  • When looking for a hat, be in the mood for a hat; take your time.
  • If you are not sure what type of hat suits you, be open to trying many kinds of hats. You can try hats at a department store for the size and shape.


We live in a time where fashion is defined as wear that reflects your personality, embraces your figure, and makes you feel comfortable. You can wear vintage, retro, or far future all is fashion. The best time for style is now because we needn’t stick to any standard. Balancing between what you wear at work, at home, or casual is the key, and if you can have a wardrobe that caters to your lifestyle, then you are set. Enjoy life have fun and be yourself. What you wear will reflect that.

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