How I shop for jeans that fit

How I shop for jeans that fit? The last time I went shopping for a pair of jeans was yet a new nightmare. I am a tall curvy woman. All my life I have been struggling with finding the right jeans. If the jeans fit around the waist they were too short, if the length was good, it didn’t fit around the waist, and if everything else was OK, then it was the gap on the waistband in the back. Finding the perfect jeans is like finding a treasure. The story of my experience with jeans is endlessly long.

Shopping for jeans can get very frustrating. Spending hours running from one store to the next, trying different jeans in sometimes small smelly fitting rooms is a sweaty matter. It’s like going on a quest through all the stores in town and ending up empty-handed or with just OK jeans that you paid a fortune for just because you got tired and bought anything.

Stores are full of jeans on hangers, rags, and shelves, and forget the ones you saw in the window they are made to fit the doll. It can take days and weeks to find fitting jeans.

Thanks to the world wide web we have options. Why not try it I told myself. Can buying jeans online be worse than running up and down in a mall. It’s easier BUT can get a bit challenging too. In this article, I will give you tips from my own experience, tell you a bit about how to choose the fabric, the fit, and the price and a recommendation on experts in jeans for all.

Shopping jeans online

Before you shop for jeans online, it would be a good idea to make a list of what is important for you in jeans, this will make it more fun and less frustrating. Your list may look something like this:-

  • Find out your size (American, UK, and European), by measuring your waist, hips, thighs, rise (zip area), and length inseam (leg length inside) outseam (leg length outside from the waist to your foot).
  • The color.
  • Material and pattern
  • style
  • Price
  • Quality of fabric

Tip: Since you want to know your fit. Look for the fit first, then look at the price. Doing that will be less distracting and gives you more options.

Denim or jean

let’s talk about the fabric of jeans and the difference between jeans and denim.

The fabric of jeans is a coarse, twilled cotton material usually blue. Jeans or denim were worn as working cloth or overalls for heavy-duty labor in the eight hundred, in time it became popular as casual wear which started with the pans and later extended to other styles and forms.

Denim: Denim is the mother of jeans. It is made on a wide loom, durable, 100% cotton,

and thicker than jeans. The material is heavier, ridged, and lasts longer. It takes more material to make denim jeans than regular jeans and usually more expensive.

When you first buy denim it’s usually raw (never been washed) and can shrink once washed, that’s why it’s wise to wear them for a while before you wash them so they can adjust to your shape. After wearing your jeans for at least 3-4 days, wash your denim inside out in cold water and leave it out to dry naturally, do not put your denim in a dryer.

Jeans: The material is thinner, has elastane, lighter, and prewashed. Depending on the quality it can lose its shape but goes back to shape after washing. Jeans are not as long-lasting as denim, and they are a bit cheaper. Some jeans are of high quality and can last you several years.

Affordable and quality jeans

So what should we be looking for when shopping online for a pair of jeans. If you want to make a good choice and avoid disappointment it’s always a good idea to know sometime about the company and websites that sell the jeans.

An online store should have good product information about the material.

rigidity, weight, raw or wash, zip or button, the selvage seam and special detail, the quality of the stitch (which should be tight with no loose thread ends). 

Quality jeans or denim has an F for (five-pocket jeans) on the side, more stitches per inch, and buttons that are more expensive than a zip. For expensive jeans, you pay for detail, subtleties, the wash.

Tip: For curvey women! I recommend good-quality jeans. Low quality is usually of thinner material, can rip, and wears out in easly.


Jeans just have to fit, hug our curves, keep our shape like a second skin, regardless of the style. The fabric must be comfortable (soft or ridged depending on your liking) the pattern and style have to fit our shape so we feel comfortable but attractive. We want a pair of jeans that we can wear all day any day never needing to adjust them every time we move.

Since we own more than one pair of the jean it’s always a wise idea to have at least two pairs of good jeans, one for every day and at least one pair for special causal occasions and maybe a few more just like that.


  1. Hi Patricia!

    I will always go for a pair of fitting jeans that can Hugh all my curves and let me feel comfortable. And I have always been scared to order a pair of jeans online because the few times that I tried were big failures. But I am very glad to learn about your tips, to check the leg length inside and leg length outside, from the waist to the feet.

    I am not very tall, I am 5.5 inch but I have curves and most of the time I get either short or too long jeans. Do you think your tips will still apply?


    • Hi! Thank you very much for checking in. Finding jeans that fit in general is always a challenge regardless of the hight, but it is even harder if you have curves. I have always had problems shopping for jeans with my hight but mainly with my curves because the length is not so important these days, jeans can be worn short too. Over the years I have gained experience in research, finding and ordering jeans online because I could not find the right jeans in stores, online was my only option. The tips I mentioned are the step I personally take to get it right. If you check in the article now I have updated the information about the measurements. 

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, 

      Best regards

  2. Jeans makes curvy women look cute and I have intention to get a few jeans for my woman in no distant time. I want to use it to surprise her and she will be short of words. She loves Jean.

    My concern is if I will be able to detect the very good ones when I see them online.

    • Hellow! thank you for reading my article and I am glad to hear the information is helpful. Before you order make sure you follow the step of measurements very important, you want to surprise your loved one. I have updated my information on the article just now you might want to check it out again.

      If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

      Best regards

  3. I completely get you on the jeans shopping end! I am 5’8″ and I would always dread having to shop for jeans. They just tend to fit weird and I’m picky, which is a tricky combination to work with!

    I appreciated your explanations of the difference between denim and jeans, I’ve always just lumped them into the same category.

    I am definitely guilty of looking at prices first. I tend to lead out with my wallet, but I have found over the years that quantity is NOT quality! Years ago I had a friend that had a great influence on me and my jeans-buying habits. She helped me “see the light” on finding jeans that make you look and feel great. Yes, they cost a bit more but I felt SO much better. It was totally worth it!

    Thank you for sharing your tips and information! You are correct, there are important things to consider before shopping such as size and color. Knowing what you’re looking for can make it a much better experience! 

    • Thank you for reading my article. Yes! I have decided to write an article about jeans. I hardly know anyone that just went out there and got the right jeans. We all have a few jeans that we bought in a hurry and are just laying in our closet just worn once or twice or never.  My experience with buying jeans is to take the time, set a price that I want to spend and then go on the quest. Jeans are like a good friend you got to love them or they will get on your nerves. Thank you very much for your comment.

      Best Regards

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