Easy steps to buy swimsuits online

The summer is here, the sun, water, and fun.

At the beginning of the nineteenth-century women would wear regular cloth for swimming. Swimwear-as we know it now didn’t come into existence until the twentieth century and has become a big part of fashion and trend. We call the clothing bathing suit, bathing costume, Bikini, togs, and tankini. With is a wide range of styles fit for any occasion, from beachwear to swimming pool parties, bodybuilding contests, glamour photography sports magazines, the display of a wearer’s physical attributes like beauty pageants, and swim-wear for modest.

With our time limit and changing circumstances, shopping online has become more popular than ever before. Going out to look for quality and affordable swim-wear in a boutique or department store is time-consuming, frustrating, and almost impossible these days, so customers are turning to buy swimsuits online.

Even though shopping for swimwear online sounds challenging to us, it doesn’t need to be. We have learned to shop online for almost anything so if we are well informed, patient, and have a basic idea of what we want, bathing suit online shopping can be a fun experience.

So before we shop for our next fashion swimsuit, we should put in a little time in learning about swim-wear, like what type of material is it made of, sizes, and style. If we are well informed, we feel more confident and it would make it easier, more fun and we save a lot of valuable time.

Shop for swimsuits online, here is how we can start our journey:

Swimsuit material

What fabric-swimwear is made of, would help us make better choices. It is important to know about the material used for manufacturing swimsuits, its characteristics, weight, texture, and quality. There is no good or bad fabric but knowing the different materials and the use of them gives us options and its a great help when shopping online.

  • Nylon mixture: It is soft and comfortable. It stretches well, dries fast, durable and hugs the body perfectly (especially used in women’s swim-wear). Also called polyamide. 80% nylon and 20 Spandex are more stretchy than 85% NY and 15% SP.
  • Spandex (elastane): This is the stretchy part of the material and used in all swim-wear.
  • Polyeter blend: It is soft, very strong, and stretchy, used mostly in sports swim-wear. It’s chlorine and UV-resistant.
  • Velvet: is a very soft fabric. mostly used in loungewear and robes but when blended in a swimwear-suit it gives it a luxurious look.
  • Neoprene: This is a thick synthetic rubber. Its flexible, stable, insulation fit, thicker than regular swim-wear, and endures temperature fluctuations. This fabric is used for diving suits.
  • Ribbed: Material used for swim-wear is made out of stretched nylon or polyester knit fabric. The texture is compact and tight weaved and flat which is suitable especially for active swim-wear.
  • Cotton: some swim-wear is made out of cotton blends. You need to bear in mind that cotton blended swim-wear has short durability due to environmental influences like sun, salt, and chlorine.
  • Weight: most swimsuits weigh about 180-200g. The lighter the fabric the more it leans to underwear-like material feel. Active swim-wear tends to be heavier 200-220g.
  • Sustainability: Swim-wear manufacturing has been environmentally unfriendly but the awareness of the consumer has changed and a lot of companies are turning to environmentally friendly and UV protective material. More on recycled material click here

Types of swimwear/suites:

one-piece: (the most common form of swimsuit)

bikini: ( two pieced a Bro and panties)

Tankini: (two pieces in which the upper piece resembles a Tank top and panties) Burqini (a one-piece suit that covers the whole body except the face, hands, and feet) a modest swimsuit.

Men’s swimwear-gear: Men’s-swimwear board-shorts, jammers, trunks, briefs and some wear thongs and g-strings.

How to buy swimwear-online:

Know your size: Your bra size is a good guide to compare with the Brand size chart.

Material: Unless you want to buy see-through swimwear-suit, for those who don’t, to avoid see-through, make sure the material is tight weaved especially with white swimsuits.

Brands: Labels have reviews on social media like Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube, because they show real women and men giving their opinion on design, style, and fit. Also! social-platforms are a good source for new trends and styles.

Some Brands are specialized in swimwear for curvy women. Also, Suits that hold in the tummy made of a lightweight fabric that retains its shape that feels comfortable to wear with confidence.

Occasion and purpose: Question to ask yourself! Is the suit for swimming, surfing, competition, or sunbathing. It’s always good to have at least three swimsuits. a full swimsuit for the somersault and long swims, a tankini or bikini to chill in the sun, and an extra suit just like that.

Swimwear Accessories

What is a beach or pool day without accessories, and what are they? There are general swim-wear accessories that you need on a day out at the beach or pool. Make sure to have your list. The fun can come to a quick end if you forget something that you necessarily need. If you are not living close to the beach or pool, a wonderful day out can turn into a frustrating one. I always make sure I have a list done the day before and put the checks before I leave the house. Here I have a list of beach/pool necessities.

Beach list:

  • Swimsuit: At least two
  • beach towels: A big and a small. Blanket or chair.
  • Sunhat
  • T-shirt, skirt, shorts, or dress shirt
  • slippers
  • beach-bag
  • sunglasses
  • Sunscreen: enough for two people
  • UV lip balm
  • hydrating mist 


  • Feminine hygiene products
  • disposable wipes
  • pain-reliever (if you are prone to headaches in the sun)
  • insect repellant
  • nail-file
  • waterproof phone case
  • Accessaries: necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Love your body in your swimwear: Apart from having a beautiful swimsuit, bikini or tankini we want our skin to look healthy and flawless. It’s very important to protect our skin from sunburn and other harmful influences. Whilst is not big of a deal to grab a sun-screen lotion in a store, its also very important to take note of the ingredients.

sun-screen this day not only offers protection but quality too. Putting a big value on the ingredients they use to offer protection luxury and freshness. For more about them click

When buying sunscreen the following tips are helpful:

  • A high SPF is a value measured of how long the sunscreen will protect your skin before the first layer of skin burns (which is the cause of many skin cancers).
  • Sunscreen needs to be quick-absorbing, easy to apply, and long-lasting.
  • Sunscreen should be water-resistant
  • It should be lightweight and moisturizing applicable to the face.
  • If you want to apply it full coverage an organic, fragrance-free, antioxidant, enriched with Zinc and minerals is healthier for the skin.


Shopping online for swim-wear doesn’t need to be a nightmare nor do we need to worry about getting the wrong wear. If we are well informed about the product, size, and what fits best to our shape we can get a good swimming suit. We have to be honest with what we want and open to new ideas and styles. Sometimes trying a different swimsuit that we never had before, but fits our shape, we feel comfortable and beautiful in it, then ist the right one and we will enjoy our days out at the beach and pool. Feeling comfortable and pretty in what we wear is number one, plus everyone else sees that confidence too.

Stay safe and enjoy your summer.


  1. Summer is definitely upon us.  I love wearing my swim trunks around in the summer time even if I am not going to the beach.  Does anyone else do this or is it just me?  I think this post has great insight into summer gear and on another note I am a firm believer of sun screen.  I have been burnt badly in the past but am now looking into all natural chemical free sun screen.  But yes all of these great swim suit options will definitely help people have great gear for the summer beaches.  Thank you for the post. 

    • Thank you for checking in. Yes! A lot of people wear their swim gear casually around the beach or pools. Some swimwear is designed especially for that purpose. Walking around casually in swimsuits (short for men) gives the feeling of freedom and joy. Some gear is not designed to be worn at a beach restaurant, but at a beach or pool bar, Its good to have a few swim gear for different occasions and functions, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Sunscreen is essential for everyone and should be taken seriously. If you are interested in knowing more about natural and recycled fabrics I have placed a link of into under swimsuit material/sustainability. If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. 

      stay safe best regards


  2. My sister and I are looking to get new swimsuits very soon and I am very happy to see you give this very awesome information about it. You have given this information at a very good time when I really need it. You have given tips on how to shop for them online. I hope to be able to get my own size because it is usually trouble when I want to shop online. Thanks

    • You are very welcome. I am glad to read that my information was helpful to you. I have had a few disappointments shopping online in the past.  Due to the pandemic situation circumstances have changed dramatically and we are relying more on online shopping than ever before, so why not make it a fun experience. Over the years I put more effort into educating myself with online shopping now I share this information. if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask.

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