Skin care regimen for every day

When we first get up in the morning and walk into the bathroom, look in the mirror, our face tells us a lot. It tells us if we had a good night’s sleep if we are tired or our face is just dull. A good (at least 8-hour sleep) has a big impact on our face. But most of all, a skincare regimen every day is a must.

The first step to achieving a healthy complexion is to know what type of skin you have. You often read that there are three types of skin, dry, oily, and combination skin. Categorizing our skin in three types is to some extent true, but not quit. Our skin goes through changes with the weather, age, health, the foods we eat, and the environment. Making a test to find out what type of skin we have is a start. The skincare assessment, finding out if the skincare you are using is working for you.

Shopping smart and with awareness is the way to better health inside out. Our skin observes everything we put on it like a sponge, making sure we do not use products with toxic ingredients is the best way to avoid health complications in the future.

Test your skin type:

you have oily skin:

  • when you wash your face in the morning and it is shiny a couple of hours later.
  • When you have oily skin all year round.
  • When you have big pores all over your face.
  • When you struggle with adult acne and break-outs and whiteheads.

You have dry skin:

  • When your skin is dry all over.
  • When your skin constantly flakes and ashes during the winter months.
  • When you wash your face with soap (face soap) it feels dry afterward.
  • When your pores are very small and hardly noticeable.

You have combination skin:

  • When you have large pores around the nose, and chin area but normal size pores around the rest of the face.
  • When your skin looks shiny in the T-zone, forehead, nose, and chin but somewhat dry on the checks.
  • When you have oily skin in the summer and dry in the winter.

You have sensitive-skin:

  • When your skin is sensitive and gets blemishes and reddish skin-breakouts.
  • When your skin breaks out in a rash after using certain products, make-up, and fragrance creams.
  • Regardless of the combination, when you wash your skin and it gets irritated quickly.

Note: Any skin type can be sensitive.

Wash your face with care.

For all types of skin, use a non-alcoholic soup or gel. With some soap move your fingers in circular motions from the nose towards the ears until where the hairline begins. Always move your fingers from the middle of the face to the side, until you reach the hairline. From the middle of the forehead to the side. This method is not only a good cleansing habit but also a slight stretching, a way to smooth out wrinkles from the forehead and around the mouth.

Tip: Wash your face every night before you go to bed.

For oily skin, Remove makeup with a non-oily toner, then wash with a mild soap or a gel. You do not need to use a harsh cleanser since it can dry the skin and cause irritation. A good way to open the pores is steaming (chamomile seeds and flowers), it softens the skin and causes dirt to come out of the pores. Use a face cream that is unsent, alcohol, and mineral oil-free. Use a moisturizer that is formulated for oily to very oily skin that leaves a matte smooth finish.

For dry skin, Remove makeup with a creamy cleanser, then wash your face with a mild soap. You may use a toner to remove the rest of the makeup and soapy residue. When choosing a moisturizer to be sure to read the ingredients carefully because moisturizers may contain lanolin, petroleum jell that could cause acne.

Sensitive-skin, Remove makeup with non-alcoholic ingredients, chemical-free, and make sure you use products that are fragrance-free, specially formulated for sensitive skin. If possible go for organic -natural-products.

Exfoliating once a week is important. It is to remove dead skin and cells. Dead skin and cells make the face look older, tired, and dull.

Very important! when you shop for beauty products, make sure they are specifically formulated for your skin type. If you have sensitive and problematic skin that breaks out with products, it’s important to stick to non-toxic organic gentle face cleansing skincare products. Check out my article Makeup and cosmetics

Toner or astringent. Astringent contains alcohol which can cause dryness to oily skin if it is overused. Tuners are mostly alcohol-free. Regardless of what you use, make sure to use a cotton pad when removing residue and make-up.

Moisturizer: helps the skin stay moist, attracting moisture in the air and fighting off radicals. Choose an oil-free moisturizer made especially for oily skin.

AHA products: Alpha-hydroxy (which comes from fruit and milk sugars) chemically produced. AHA is known for helping to improve the look of your skin. Mildly exfoliating revealing a fresher look. But since it is chemically produced one should not ignore the fact that it is an acid. Acid thins the skin rising the sensitivity to sun rays. Always test products with these ingredients on your elbow for example.

Lip care routine:

Lips are the most exposed part of the face. The skin is very thin and sensitive. Lips deal with heat, cold, dryness, and have to fight off radicals like pollution from the sun.

  • Exfoliate your lips with a sugar scrub lip exfoliating gel.
  • Use sunscreens and moisturizing lip balsam every day and carry them in your bag.
  • Put a moisturizer on your lips at night.
  • If, you have dry lips, use a moisturizing lip-cream then apply lipstick (especially for Matt lipstick)

Also Personal Recommendation.

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  1. Very good information! My son has always had skin problems, it will break out in splotchy red marks all over. I have heard that the sun can cause this, and that he should wear sun screen, have you ever heard that? Also, I have always heard of women talking about exfoliating, is that something men should do as well? Thank you for the help, I cannot wait until your recommended items post!

    • Hello! If your son gets red spots or spots, in general, all over while in and  after being in the sun, he might have a sun allergy, my child has a  sun allergy.   If your son is exposed to the sun,  then he should not stay for too long and definitely use  sunscreen cream or spray of at least  SPF30 + (depending on his age, young child even SPF50)  and wear a hat. Yes! men can exfoliate, just like women the cleansing regime  I explained in my article applies to men and women. There are products that men can use and are specific to them. I will display some products in the near future. I hope I was able to help. More Information and products will be displayed soon. thank you for visiting. 

  2. That was a great explanation on the types of skin. I believe I fall in the combined category as  sometimes I feel my skin is oily, the next it is dry. I have never thought to exfoliate the lips. I am surprised that there is a lip exfoliating gel.Thank you for these great insights.

    • Hello! I am glad I was able to help. Yes, there are exfoliating products for lips. they are very tender and sweet in taste. you can also exfoliate by putting a little lip gloss and sugar on your finger, rub it a little over your lips for 2min and then wash off. The lips will feel very smooth. In the very near future, I will display products with exfoliating ingredients, latest by December. Thank you for visiting please visit again. 

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