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There was a time when the fashion and beauty market had almost no products for black women’s hair and skincare.  So, women of color mixed stirred and blended essential oils with coco oil, shea butter, aloe vera, rosewater, herbs, or with whatever was available to them to create what they needed for their hair and skin care. They sewed their own clothes and designed their own styles but most of the time they had to wear what was available in stores that never fit properly.

Today, we black and brown women have choices and we are thankful for all the beauty products Makeup and cosmetics and fashionable styles that are available to us in shades and textures that work so well with our rainbow of skin tones and hair textures.

We have options – alternatives to the stereotype lifestyle you see in advertising and magazines that do not fit or define our beauty. Today we can choose our look, create our fashion and set new trends. Blending colors and reinventing style that fits not only the black woman of today but encourages women of all types to try something new. Fashion color trends

Afro and curls: Love your hair

Many people have or wear curls, but black women in all their shades have the most versatile hair on earth. We can curl, mold, sculpt, braid, twist, even straighten and shape our hair into any style we please.

Our hair texture Style natural hair ranges from half straight to soft waved, curled, kinky or a mix of many textures which also changes during our lifetime. Our hairstyles today mirror an age-old culture and are as beautiful as the first time those styles were worn thousands of years ago.

The myth of, good hair versus bad hair? We will not let an old-fashioned myth rule our lives. Richly textured hair that is so diverse can only be classified as good hair. No matter how we wear it and style it, we want it to look and feel superb. Hair at its best is healthy, shiny, beautiful and flattering and today we can have it all.

So, we want to nurture, treat and care for our hair with the help of the best natural and hair products for Afro and curls available How to care for curly hair

Most of all, we want to love our hair, and when we love our hair, we feel beautiful.

Skin: How to get a smooth radiant all-around skin

How often do we hear, “Oh, you have brown skin, your skin is surely not that sensitive”.

Not true. Our skin is the body’s largest organ. It communicates the state of our health and well being, and with the change of environment, the glaring hot sun, stress and our lifestyle, our skin suffers from dryness, sores, eczema, hyperpigmentation, and many other skin problems.

We are all on a quest for smooth, healthy and radiant skin. Skin changes, sometimes daily depending on our mood, stress, weather, the season and the type of foods we eat.

By getting to know your own skin type Skin care regimen for every day and paying close attention to changes in our skin, we can reach the goal of having the healthy beautiful skin we desire. We can adapt to a health awareness lifestyle and a good, simple and specific skincare routine.

Basic skin care starts with a healthy diet, careful cleansing by using the right product specific for our skin, exfoliation once a week and don’t forget pampering to get that wonderful glow, especially in the winter.

Yes, getting to know our skin from head to toe is step one. Skin care regimen for every day

Make-up: caring for your complexion

In the past, very few beauty companies have produced makeup for dark-skinned women, and the make-up they did produce was never the right tone and shade. So, women of color, like myself, had great difficulty in finding makeup that matched our skin tone. Luckily this has changed and the makeup of today is adjusting to that change. Makeup and cosmetics Since this is a new era and many of us live in mixed cultures, beauty companies have started to tailor quality beauty products to address this new generation of mixed cultures and skin tones.

Many luxury brands are expanding their color range, releasing new products with new deeper shades, high-pigment lipstick and eye shadow to cover the demand of a wide range of skin tones. Darker women have a variety of quality foundation, concealers, creamy blushes to compliment their skin tone.

Tired of digging for products that do not work and are harmful to our skin plus wasting time and money, caring for your skin? Getting the right make-up for your individual look is the key. Makeup and cosmetics

Fashion: find your style.

We are surrounded by fashion everywhere. For black women finding a style that embraces their real beauty at any stage in their lives has always been a big challenge. Fashion color trends

But fashion is being revolutionized, and Afro-European designers are designing and producing new and captivating fashion and accessories. They are also creating and paving the way toward new trends and a multi-billion dollar industry. New trends that challenge the conventional fashion world and embrace a new era for style. There is an emergence of new, fresh African fashion designers collaborating with Asian, Middle Eastern and European designers.

So much to choose from and so many ways of wearing and combining colors. We cannot help but think, that this is our time and we can celebrate our natural beauty.

Let’s dive into the world of fashion for today’s black and brown-skinned woman.

Beauty inside out quotes

Beauty is not only about having beautiful jewelry, the right hair cut, or wearing the latest fashion. Mainly it is the whole experience of finding who you are and how to bring out your own inner beauty. The beauty inside is looking in the mirror and saying, “Yes this is me and I am happy with what I see.” That feeling inspires us to dive deeper, to understand our unique nature and take care of our most treasured assets. Feeling beautiful just the way we are and enhancing ourselves from the inside out.

We are on a journey of exploring and finding out who we really are, inspired by our culture our beliefs and the way we feel about ourselves. While on this journey we try out a lot of things, and sometimes the garments we wear reveal the way we feel. Of course, this does not address everyone. Our goal is to feel good, about who we are, be appreciative and thankful, and encourage other women to feel the same way.

My mission is simple:

Inspire you to celebrate your uniqueness and to accompany you on this journey. We can do that by finding the right products and style that brings out your own unique beauty.

So, join me on this journey and know that you are my inspiration.


  1. Unfortunately, almost everyone not satisfied with what they have! I read once an article saying that more than 80% of people don’t like their own body or parts of it especially hair. I don’t blame them, our world became crazy and with so many choices we have. As you said Love your hair! we should accept it, love our bodies like our hair and even make it prettier with some tweaks!

    As for the skin, I agree with you. I always hear this word. Oh, you have good skin and it is not sensitive! in fact, I can’t even stand sun rays. Also, working in the hospital I use anti-bacterial alcohol a lot and that makes my skin bad! I am a guy but I can relate to women!

    Love your body and yourself, everyone!

    • Thank you for you comment. Although my site address women at this time, I am very thrilled and glad to read that I am able to address everyone’s skin and hair type, for men and women alike. As my site is new and I am working on it, your comment encourages me to do more and I already have a million ideas running through my head as I write. Thank you very much, you have helped me a lot.

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