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Our skin is the largest organ. It covers our whole body and keeps our internal organs in place and protects them like a large-blanket. We nourish our skin to keep it clean using soap, shower gel, or soak in a bubble bath. Although our skin has this great function of protecting us, it is also vulnerable to be attacked by radicals and other harmful elements. Sometimes harm that damages our skin comes from the outside and sometimes from the inside. Keeping our skin clean and smelling good is not everything. We have to maintain proper and healthy hygiene to protect that what protects us.

Skin-care is about taking care of our skin from the inside out and vise versa. Everything we consume surfaces on the skin. A lot of conditions are diagnosed by looking at the skin. For example, people that smoke cigarettes suffer from dry and dehydrated skin. Also, medication has a significant effect on our skin; therefore, if we are taking medication, we have to watch changes on our skin so we can either stop or change the medicine and treat our skin using the right products. Also! Watching what we eat is very important if we want to maintain or restore healthy skin.

Knowing what type of skin you have, and knowing how your skin reacts to certain ingredients is crucial. Sometimes our skin acts positively to a particular soap, gel, or cream and later rejects it. This reaction can be for many reasons. Sometimes it is because of the season change; the brand product is using a different formula, medication, or just our wellbeing. When this happens, it is not necessarily that we are allergic to the product; it could be just those reasons mentioned above. In this case, we can pause and use a different brand. We can still go back and try the product again at a later time or season.


Did you know that damaged skin caused by bruises, cuts, and other skin infections are a door for bacteria and viruses to enter our body and attack the rest of our organs? Proper skin hygiene is not only the best way to keep our skin healthy but also to protect us. Removing dead cells, product residue, and bacteria are essential to good hygiene. Still, we should not exaggerate it, too much cleanliness can also be damaging, while we want to keep our skin clean, we also want to make sure we keep the natural fats and oils that protect the skin.

I prefer to use natural and chemical-free cleansing soaps and shower gels. If you have an injury, disinfect it and then cleanse your skin with a mild detergent. Because darker skin is prone to get scares after skin damage, we must care for scares and shaded areas by applying essential oil like myrrh and Lavender-essential oil; it helps heal, disinfect and stop the itch. Below you can read a little more about essential-oils.


Soaps and shower gel:

A basic skin regime is natural. I am personally a lover of soaps especially those that are handmade, vegan and suitable for hair, face, and skin because what is right for hair is good for the whole body (I only use soap for my skin) but I appreciate the fact that it is good for the hair too.

I like soap for my skin. After patting it dry, I apply body-oil, lotion, or cream depending on the season. Soap is not everyone’s thing. People have told me they get dry skin when they use soap. That is true in my case too, and I have dehydrated skin, that’s why it is essential to have natural handmade-soap. I prefer soap over shower gels because it gives me the feel of clean.

Shower gel vs. body wash: Some people prefer shower gels or body wash over soap.  Both shower gels and body washes are detergents or soap-like and are chemically different than soaps. They have sodium Hydroxide are both perfumed and have less fat than soaps, Whereas shower gel is thicker and firmer than the wash. It may contain exfoliating ingredients like sea salt earth and has a stronger scent like lemongrass and fresh ocean when you open the bottle. Body-wash is thinner, creamy like dish-soap, with a milder scent and has ingredients that are suitable for hydrating the skin.

The shower gel is more suitable for the summer because the skin is already hydrated. The body-wash is ideal for a cold, dry climate.  Both shower gels and body wash have a lot of water and fragrance in them that can cause dry skin. If you are prone to have dry skin make sure, the ingredients are skin-friendly.

Bath and bubbles:

We all love a bath once in a while. There are many benefits to taking a bubble bath. It releases tension after a hard day of work, relaxes the muscles, defuses tension, and softens the skin so we can scrub the dirt off. Regardless of the reason, we need to prepare our bath and add the right bobble soup, essential oil, or sea salt to it.

We should stay in the bath for at least 15 minutes. Our skin sucks in the ingredients of what we add. We must make sure the components of our soap, oil, and salt are of natural origin. We want to get out of the bath feeling better than when we got in. Whatever our skin absorbs goes into our system. A fragrance is beautiful, but it should be safe too.

As a bath is more relaxing, you should have a shower after your bath. Taking a bath too often is not healthy for the skin. Once or twice (in the winter), a week should be excellent.

Bath ingredients: 

salts are perfect for relaxing the muscles after a long day or workout.

Sea-Salts (mixed with special-herbs or essential-oils) are suitable for both relaxing and skin.

Essential-oil bath mixes are great for tense diffusion and relaxation. You can mix your bath ingredients by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil with two-three tablespoons of sea salt.

Exclusive alcohol bath mixes are for skin treatments.

Bobble bath soaps are fun and relaxing. Make sure they are a mix of natural ingredients.

Shower and Bath utensils:

For the shower: I prefer natural products like the Loofah over synthetic or plastic made shower sponges. They not only naturally clean off dirt and remove product residue but exfoliate, leaving the skin feeling soft, healthy, and clean. Beware that natural products have to be cleaned regularly since they can hold bacteria. Like the Loofah, for example, can be soaked in water with a little light-bleach and then washed out thoroughly and put out to dry. Change the Loofah at least once a month.

You can keep your shower sponges and brushes (natural or synthetic) bacteria-free if you avoid using them in the genital and under the arm area.

Lotions and body oils:

We like to smell fresh after a shower or bath! Most body-oils and lotion have a scent, so using a non-scent product is usually better if we are planning on putting on a perfume. We don’t want to mix too many scents and end up having a funky smell.

Tip: for shower or bath, non-scent or deficient scent use:

  • Soap or shower gel
  • Lotion or body-oil
  • Deo
  • Perfume

Just make sure that only one of the above is the main scent (if possible).

Lotions and creams

Lotions and creams are a tricky thing. Companies promise that their product fulfills your skin’s needs. Not all dry, sensitive, and oily skin is the same, so not all products meet that promise. Our lifestyle, where we live, nutrition, medication, and well being, has a significant impact on our skin and the effect of the product we use. Generally, I would always try to use products that are organic and fit for my skin type, and most of the time, I have a good experience.

It is vital to pay proper attention to the reaction of your skin to specific products and avoid using them. If you have sensitive skin and the product is new to you, try a sample.



Essential-oils is a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile (the natural evaporated liquid) drove from plants. Essential-oils have been around for centuries. They have and are still being used for healing, curing, medicine, cosmetics, Aromatherapie, Massage, Parfüm, and SPA. Although essential-oils are used as a basis for many products and medicine, we still do not know much about their power. It is worth learning about essential-oils to find out how to use them properly.


hand wash and care

Washing our hands and using sanitizer all day can become make our skin very dry. Most hand-creams offer just a temporary relief are greasy and not lasting. Moisturizing our hands regularly with a refreshing, hydrating, and quick-absorbing cream that both nourishes our skin and nails is very important. A tropical hand cream that gives the extra fresh and is nourishing click here.


It is always good to have some essential-oil at home. For beginners, you can start with a collection of 3-4 oils that you can use for primary household medicine, to defuse odor using a diffuser and skin-care.

You can add two to four drops of the essential oil to natural shea-butter, to a non-scent lotion or cream, or add it to your bathwater.  For example, Pure Shea-butter has a unique scent that is a bit challenging. Still, if you warm it up a little (put the glass-container in warm water) and add a drop of rose-essential oil (or any essential oil you prefer) in it, the shea-butter would smell like a rose or the oil you added.

My stash:

Lavender essential oil: I use that for the diffuser, mix it with some coconut oil and rub my feet before bedtime, which helps to relax and sleep well.

Myrrh essential oil: It has a unique smell (can be unpleasant for some). I use it for anti-aging and add a drop or two to my night-cream. It also helps with dry spots on my skin.

Frankincense essential oil: Usually used in churches. I use that for my diffuser, its calming and relaxing. I also add a drop to my day-cream as a beauty-oil.

Lemongrass oil: I use that for the diffuser to help ease headaches, inflammation, and general wellbeing.

Very important: Essential-oil has to be pure and organic if the oil is mixed or water down it can do more harm than good.

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Soap shower gel and hygiene is essential to our well being. Sometimes we have days where we feel frustration and stress more than other days. A quick shower or a soaking bath can help a great deal. The soaps, shower-gels, or shower-creams especially if they are organic can give us enough energy to refresh and regain strength.  Our body is made up of 95% of water so it is natural that we are driven towards enjoying the feel of it.

Stay healthy stay safe

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Author: Patricia.K

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  1. Hi, I came across your website when I was Searching for best soaps for dry skin.

    Just like you mentioned in your article, I also suffer from dry skin, and I do try different things especially in the winter because that is when my skin tends to dry even more.

    For me natural organic soaps enriched with natural oils like olive oil, seems to work.
    I also add olive oil into my body cream.
    Thank you for this article, and the products you have recommended.


    1. Thank you very much for checking in, I am happy I could help you with my article. I have suffered all my life von dry skin and I lived in different climates, it is definitely the ingredients of what we use that affects our skin most, although water can also play a big role. Nevertheless, organic non-scent soaps and skincare work best for me too. Thank you for visiting I hope to hear from you again.

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